This article is about the famous casino game. For Blackjack sometimes called the twenty-one card game.

Blackjack is a comparing card game usually played over a semi-circular table with a felt material on top that customarily seats several players, normally 2 to 7, and a dealer.Each player, in turns, contends against the dealer. Note: the players never play against each other. Blackjack is played using 1 or additional decks of fifty-two cards and is the most extensively played casino banking game globally. It is mainly a luck and chance game but it is also extremely dependent on skills and strategy. It is therefore important that you take it upon yourself in order to understand the basic rules and strategies involved in playing Blackjack. The main objective of this game is to defeat the dealer and you can do this any of the following three ways:

  • Normal win:Attain a score which is greater than the dealer’s
    without exceeding 21 points.
  • Blackjack:Get twenty-one points on your first 2 cards without the
    dealer getting a blackjack. This is normally called natural or blackjack.

Letting the dealer to hit additional cards until their hand goes beyond 21.

Each card has a certain specific value which remains the same throughout the entire game. The various types of cards are Number Cards (2 through 10), Face Cards (Jack, King and Queen) and Ace. The value of Number Cards is the number indicated on the card itself. Face Cards value is 10 and Ace is either 1 or 11. In case the 11 Ace value puts you over twenty-one, it is considered to be a 1. Therefore an ace and a 10 value number card are 21 points in two cards and this is referred to as Blackjack or natural. A hand with an ace is called a “soft” hand.

Each player is usually dealt two cards; one face down and one up depending on the casino which they visit. A hand’s value is the summation of the values on the cards. There are two options when it’s a player’s turn.

  • Hit:Draw an additional card to improve their hand. Players are able to hit until they go over 21.
  • Stand:This involves keeping the current cards and doing nothing. This way you do not receive any cards.

How to Play

The dealer allows the players to draw cards until one of them decides to stand. Once this happens, the dealer plays his hand and this determines the outcome of the game. However the dealer’s hand will not be competed if all the players have received blackjacks or busted. In order for a player to win, they must be closer to 21 points than the dealer. They must do this without going over 21. If they go over, they have busted and the dealer wins. If they score the same points as the dealer it is identified as a “push” and in this case the player neither wins nor loses on that hand. Players win once their hand totals higher points than the dealer’s hand, or when they have 21 points or less and the dealer busts.